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Our story

The fashion shows at Circolo Meneghino and Circolo Nerazzurro, Palazzo Litta’s show inaugurating the opening of the shop in Via Vincenzo Monti, De Scal’s 40th anniversary celebrated in the Stuart Weitzman boutique in Via della Spiga, not forgetting those unique design characteristics that helped mark an era, such as the mini furs, some even with short sleeves, as well as the long and lavish regal furs. And naturally, those memories linked to significant people, amongst whom one name stands out – Jole Veneziani, an extraordinary lady, endowed with generosity and charm, incomparable teacher, from whom lessons were learnt, never to be forgotten; lessons on the importance of precise workmanship and sophisticated details.
This was one of the guidelines specifically chosen by Giacamo, who was the general manager of the company, and especially by Pia Maria, who has been in charge of modelling and tailoring since the outset in 1956 and who knows every secret of her field, so much so that she models fur coats as if they were gloves rather than pieces of clothing and treats every type of fur or any other material, including fabrics, with the creative versatility of an expert seamstress.

The De Scal brand, an acronym of the surname Solivani with the additional prefix “De” and the initials of Cristina, Ancilla e Lorenzo, children of Giacomo and Maria Pia the founders of the company, originates in its namesake shop, centrally located in ‘Via Vincenzo Monti,’ one of Milan’s most chic locations.
It is here that over time has created an ambience rich with elegance and warmth, one built on a family that stands side by side, delighted and proud to offer its affectionate clientele a heritage of quality and beauty.

The De Scal heritage is now co-shared with Ancilla. Joining the company in 1985 after obtaining a Fashion design Diploma with honours, she became the creative soul of De Scal. This however has not stopped her from following in her father’s footsteps and acquiring the difficult skill of selecting skins at auctions. A further addition to this second generation is Cristina, an architect, in charge of the important and challenging area of communications.

Tradition & Quality



These are the characteristics that distinguish De Scal’s creations. Unique pieces birthed from the creativity and passion of the Solivani family over the past 40 years and passed down from generation to generation.
Fur coats that reveal the work of talented artisans and the use of advanced procedures in a fascinating combination of craftsmanship and avant-garde techniques that give testimony to a mystical sensitivity combining tradition with creativity, fashion and design.



The entire production chain is exclusively ‘Made in Italy’ right within the De Scal establishment. The tanning and workmanship of the leather hides, obtained directly from auctions in the countries of origin, is planned and perfected in collaboration with the most prominent Italian tanneries.
Each creation reflects the latest trends and reveals a captivating and timeless elegance obtained through the most refined artistry, with knowledgeable and attentive use of materials and the precise cut and tailoring of every individual piece; a blend of emotion and logic.

The new atelier


The wisdom of artisans is a precious treasure that does not diminish over time; this is why De Scal has decided to open a new atelier in via Petrarca, thus offering their clientele sartorial passion and a love for refined details, two qualities that have characterised handcrafted fur coats since the ‘70s and that remain steadfastly unchanged.
The original beauty of the De Scal fashion house is now enriched by a modern touch, with detailed references and innovative solutions, trade secrets and new modern means of communication, evident expertise and scrupulous attention even regarding the evolution of this specific field. A continuing walk towards excellence, with a desire to offer an article even more exclusive both in individuality and execution.
Today, Del Scal treasures the past whilst focusing ahead onto new marketing horizons, even internationally. In doing so it has no intention of losing touch with old clients; in fact it guards them jealously in order to offer them an even more exclusive quality.

An exclusive choice


Visiting the De Scal atelier is an experience as unique as the fur coats that are made there.
Talented craftsmen pay extreme attention to their work, surrounded by an atmosphere of creativity. Whatever adjustments necessary are handled perfectly by dexterous dressmakers so that every purchased article is exclusively tailored for a perfect fit.
In De Scal’s workshop there is no ‘mass’ production. Instead, with an underpinning of respect, there is only research, exclusivity and true authenticity; qualities that make all the difference, and without which there could be no love for the product or for this profession.


De Scal


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