CARE. Fur is a prestigious garment that requires a very high maintenance in order to keep its original beauty over time. Our advice is to keep your fur out of the closet, clean it and put in an appropriate place at end of the winter. It is important to make a deep cleaning to remove all the impurities and store it in a fresh, aerated place safe from direct light and protected in a cotton bag.

CLEANING. In warm weather it is important to make a deep cleaning of the fur. This will not deteriorate your garment, instead it will enhance it, maintaining it over time and protecting it from moths. The fur cleaning also includes the blowing of the hair, so that the garment keeps its previous appearences, together with an accurate check of the lining and finishes.

FUR STORAGE. Fur storage, especially in summertime, is particularly important because it allows to keep garments in an extremely natural habitat, with ideal temperatures and humidity. By activating the service of annual store, you will able to take advantage of it every time of the year, using our caveau as your personal closet, including the pick-up and delivery service at home.